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Posted by JamesHill on 26th August 2018

Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review

Dear Residents,

The review of the Farnham Neighbourhood Plan is under way and we are now being asked to support the updated version via the ongoing consultation that ends on 30th of September. We would encourage your support as Badshot Lea is not threatened by the new proposals and is still protected by policies FNP10 and FNP11, among others, as shown below. The new built up area boundary of Badshot Lea is defined by the areas currently under construction off St. Georges Road and should help to protect us from endless unwanted development over the plan period until 2032 .

The additional sites to accommodate the extra 450 homes around Farnham are listed in the FNP Review document attached below and show that they are all within the town centre boundary. 

So please visit the Farnham Town Council website and support the updated NP by completing the short survey.

Thank you for your support

Badshot Lea Community Association


Policy FNP10

Protect and Enhance the Countryside Outside of the Built up Area Boundary, as defined on Map A, priority will be given to protecting the countryside from inappropriate development. A proposal for development will only be permitted where it would: a) Be in accordance with Policies FNP16, FNP17 and FNP20 in the Neighbourhood Plan Review or other relevant planning policies applying to the area, b) Protect the Green Belt

Policy FNP11

Preventing Coalescence between Farnham and Aldershot; Badshot Lea and Weybourne; Rowledge and Wrecclesham; Rowledge and Boundstone and Rowledge and Frensham Development proposals outside the Built Up Area Boundary, as defined on Map A – Farnham Built Up Area Boundary, will be assessed in terms of their potential impact upon the visual setting and landscape features of the site and its surroundings, and the potential impact upon the biodiversity of the area and other relevant planning considerations, such as the impact of traffic and noise. Proposals which either fail to demonstrate that these impacts can be satisfactorily addressed or which clearly lead to the increased coalescence of settlements within the Plan area and beyond will not be supported.


Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Review 2018

Minor (non-material) updates proposed to the Made Farnham Neighbourhood Plan

1          Planning process
Introduction, Para 2  Explains that the Review is taking place primarily in response to the additional 450 dwellings to be provided at Farnham as a result of the recently adopted Waverley Local Plan.- Part 1.
Figure 2 - Involvement in the Neighbourhood Plan Process - sets out the process involved in formulating the Review.
The Review is supported by an updated Sustainability Appraisal and the following evidence:
·         Farnham Housing Land Availability Assessment (FHLAA), July 2018
·         Farnham Landscape Character Assessment, July 2018
·         SANG, July 2018
·         Farnham Student Accommodation, July 2018
2          Planning Strategy
The Planning Strategy for the area remains the same.
The Plan period is extended to 2032 to align with the adopted Local Plan.
The Built Up Area Boundary remains the same other than an extension around a planning consent at Green Lane Farm which was granted on appeal after the Neighbourhood Plan was made (see Map A).
3          Neighbourhood Plan Policies
The Neighbourhood Plan Review contains no new policies and none have been deleted.
Waverley Abbey Conservation Area
Page 32 - There is more text about Waverley Abbey Conservation Area which was inadvertently omitted in the Made NP.
Areas of High Landscape Value and Sensitivity
Map E is amended to show revised Areas of High Landscape Value and Sensitivity based on the Farnham Landscape Character Assessment, July 2018.
Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG)
The European Special Protection Areas section updates the remaining SANG capacity at Farnham Park and includes the new SANG sites available at Tongham Road, Runfold and the Runfold South Quarry Site.
Policy FNP12 Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA) and new Map G references the two new SANG sites.

The Housing Requirement section sets out the revised target of a minimum of 2780 new homes in Farnham (including homes permitted and built since April 2013 and anticipated windfall development) in the period 2013 - 2032.
The Housing Supply section updates the housing supply to a base date of 31 March 2018.
In order to help meet the identified additional housing requirement, Policy FNP14 allocates seven new housing sites. All sites are within the Built Up Area Boundary of the made Neighbourhood Plan are brownfield sites, many being close to the town centre.
·         Cobgates, Falkner Road (Gross Area: 0.55ha. Approximate density: 110dph. Approximate capacity: 60 dwellings) 
·         University for the Creative Arts, Falkner Road (Gross Area: 2.05ha. Approximate capacity: 252 student units (217 net additional student units). (This equates to 72 dwellings)
·         Centrum Business Park, East Street (Gross Area: 0.7ha. Approximate density: 175dph. Approximate capacity: 125 dwellings) 
·         8, 10, 12, 14 Upper Old Park Lane (Gross Area: 0.95ha. Approximate density: 15dph. Approximate capacity: 10 dwellings) 
·         Kimbers Lane (Gross Area: 0.24ha. Approximate density: 85dph. Approximate capacity: 20 dwellings)
·         Land adjacent to Green Lane Cemetery (Gross Area: 0.37ha. Approximate density: 30dph. Approximate capacity: 10 dwellings)
·         Surrey Sawmill, Wrecclesham Hill) (Gross Area: 0.7ha. Approximate density: 25dph. Approximate capacity: 20 dwellings)
The Review sets out development guidance on Design and Layout; Landscape; Access and infrastructure for each site (although the latter will be made more specific following consultation with infrastructure providers).
The total housing provision over the plan period summarised in the Review in an updated table:

Net Dwellings
Sites which have already been completed (in the period 2013/14 – 2017/18) - 445

Large sites with planning permission at 31 March 2018 - 851

Additional housing capacity from Neighbourhood Plan housing allocations granted full planning consent after 31 March 2018 - 14 / 42

  • Western portion of Policy FNP14 c) Land at Little Acres Nursery and south of Badshot Lea (WA/2018/0329 for 94 dwellings superseding WA/2015/1935 for 80 dwellings)
  • Policy FNP14 h) The Woolmead (WA/2018/0458 for 138 dwellings superseding WA/2015/2387 for 96 dwellings)

Small sites with planning permission at 31 March 2018 ::153

Windfall contribution :: 363

Housing Allocations :: 937

Total :: 2,805

There is a new section on Student Accommodation to explain the new halls of residence at the University for the Creative Arts and how this will contribute to the Farnham housing supply.
Policy FNP17 Land for Business no longer protects Surrey Sawmills as a business site as it is now proposed to be allocated as a housing site.
Leisure and Wellbeing
There is a slight increase in the need for open space as a consequence of additional housing but this does not have any consequential impact on site allocations other than that incorporated within the design guidance for certain housing sites
The Infrastructure section makes it clear that the consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan Review with service providers will be used to assess the implications of additional housing on existing infrastructure and services.

Note on the Nature of the Changes
In accordance with Neighbourhood Planning Guidance, the Town Council needs to take a view on the changes and whether they are so substantial as to change the nature of the Plan prior to consultation and give reasons.  Where modifications do not change the nature of the plan and the Planning Authority and Independent Examiner agree, a referendum is not required.
How are these changes regarded by Farnham Town Council?
The Infrastructure Planning Group believes the changes proposed are minor and do not materially affect the policies in the plan or the nature of the Plan
·         The Neighbourhood Plan is incorporating minor text updates and changes to reflect what has happened and permissions granted since the Made Neighbourhood Plan was prepared and adopted.
·         The end date has been harmonised with the Waverley Local Plan for consistency;
·         Allocating new sites to meet the new housing target of an additional 450 homes does not change the nature of the plan.

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